Salutations/M’s Read of the Week

I’d like to say a brief hello to everyone who clicks his or her way here. I’m a wife, mom, concupiscent and promiscuous reader, and aspiring fantasy novelist.

I’ll probably post twice a week, once about reading and once about writing. So, without further ado, M’s Read of the Week is: The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, by Christopher Healy. This is a middle-grade novel, intended for ages 8-12, but my 28-year-old self enjoyed it greatly. If you liked Shrek, you’ll probably like this. If I quote something, it came from Healy’s book, for the purposes of this post.

This is the tale of four Princes Charming — “…none of them are actually named Charming. No one is.” — who band together to save Cinderella, who’s actually quite able to look after herself. Along the way, they blunder into a witch’s nefarious plot to get herself noticed.

The book has some admirably snappy dialogue, and presents the characters’ search for self, and for recognition, with a humorous sledgehammer. A host of inspired villains, not least of whom is a bratty, ten-year-old bandit, made it even better. Todd Harris’s charming illustrations, scattered through the pages like gems, made it irresistible to this pushing-30 escapist.

Give it to a kid with a sense of humor, one who loves to read. But read it for yourself first. 

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