Hard Luck Releasing Soon

I’m pleased to say that (I think) I’m on schedule to release the first novella in “Saga of Menyoral” on December 13, 2013.  My cover artist, Kirk Crawford, has finished the cover image, and I thought I would share it with you here. I’ve also finished a blurb for this first installment, so without further ado:

Dingus Xavier has the worst luck ever. As if just being named “Dingus” weren’t enough, he’s the red-headed, oversized son of an elven mother and an absent, human father given to banditry. He might also be a berserker — and that’s just the stuff he knows about.

After Dingus’s personal idol happens along in time to rescue him from an angry mob, Sir Vandis Vail expresses an interest in training him. Being part of the Knights of the Air, as Vandis’s Squire, no less, is something he’s always dreamed of, but never thought he could have. He thinks his luck might actually be starting to turn around.

He couldn’t be more wrong. Nobody bargained on the Glorious Kingdom of Muscoda and its state religion, or on how far they’d be willing to go to suppress the Knights of the Air.

Dingus thought he had it bad before, but his rotten luck is only beginning.


2 thoughts on “Hard Luck Releasing Soon

  1. This is such exciting news! Congratulations on your launch date and the new cover. I plan to get a copy when it comes out and read it with my boys. 🙂

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