Down the Rothganar Road

Perhaps fewer people than usual will be interested in this post, but if you’re reading this, and you’re a fan of Menyoral, I thought you’d like to know what’s coming.

First, in September, Saga of Menyoral #3: Oath Bound, which is thus described.

“Dingus Xavier has been a Knight-Junior for all of ten minutes when his Master drops him off in the tree city of Windish to fend for himself. When Dingus strikes up a friendship with the tiny pickpocket Tai, he gets in over his head with a vicious criminal organization he never knew existed.

“When Dingus needs his Master most, though, Vandis is halfway around the world trying to budge immovable principalities into taking action against the slaughter of hundreds of Knights in neighboring Muscoda—and trying to survive to return to Windish.

“Dingus promised to keep his nose clean, but he takes his oath to help the weak and the poor in deadly earnest, and his actions will shake a city to its foundations.”

The next release in the main series will be Saga of Menyoral #4, with a working title of Summary Justice. I’m working hard to finish it, and hoping to have it available in early 2015. In the tradition of the series so far, it will be longer than the previous installments.

You won’t have to wait that long for your Rothganar fix. I’ll be releasing some shorter books along the way under the series title Tales from Rothganar. They won’t be necessary to understand the main continuity, but I’m having lots of fun writing a story about Dingus’s maternal grandfather, the famous ranger Eagle Eye, which I’m calling The Periapt of True Seeing. It’s taking a lot of inspiration from the oral tradition in the southern US, and from classic fantasy tales of adventuring parties. I’m shooting for November with that one.

I’m working on another in that line also, about Wallace MacNair, Evan Grady, and what happens to them between The Service and Summary Justice. Like I said, it won’t be strictly necessary to understand the main series, but it should be more fun that way. The title for that is Live Free or Die, and it’s another story of what it means to be a Knight of the Air.

By popular demand, I’m also working on a short story collection comprised of the stories the Knights tell. I’m not sure when that will be finished.

I ought to have Hard Luck available in paperback by Christmas. The other physical thing will be the dawn of merchandise: I have a mug design ready with the coffee-loving Sir Vandis Vail on it, and that should be available soon. It’s mostly for me, because I want one, but I figure it’s only fair to offer.

It’s going to be a busy few months. Are you ready to walk down the road with me, friends?

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