Throwback Thursday

Hey, listen. I wouldn’t blame you if you turned back now. This is some stark terror I’m about to show you.

It’s a piece of my old writing. I was fifteen, and I’m nearly thirty now—a long time back. Fifteen years ago, this is what I was doing. I considered it a finished piece, but this is what I’m saying. Go on and laugh. It’s really bad, but these are my roots, and I thought I’d show them to you a little bit, just to say: you will get better. This was where I started. And after many years I could finally, finally write Menyoral. I would love to edit the typos and grammar here, but I think that would spoil the effect.

I want to encourage you with this. Keep going, okay? Just keep going. Bleed all over the place like I did. Open an artery and spray it everywhere, and then nourish yourself with the great stuff that feeds your soul. Do it all over again. And again.

It took me years. But I got from this (which is fan-fiction, I will warn you) to “It was a fair night… “

And you can, too, if you work hard and want it and obsess over it.


Felicia Hardy’s coice cut through the air and sliced into Spider-Man’s ears like a knife. “How could you?!?!???!! How could you leave me?”

“Felicia, I’m not leaving you. As you recall, we never really had any relationship!”

“No! We did, you BUG! And now you’re dissolving it for who, some blonde bimbo?”

“No, she’s not blonde. Remember, Felicia, YOU’RE the blonde. She’s Mary Jane Watson. Excuse me, Mary Jane Watson-PARKER!”

“You…you hideous INSECT! I’ll KILL you! Kill you, hear?” The Cat leatp at his throat.

“Whoa, Cat. I’m techinically not an insect.” Spider-Man deflected her easily. She whirled on him pushing her claws up under his rib cage, ripping through his diaphragm, tearing his lungs to ribbons as she went for his heart. She seized it and pulled it out quickly, snapping off his aorta and vena cava. She watched his heart beat its last, listening to the background noise of his death gurgles.

She spat in his face, grinning as he slipped away. “That’ll teach you to hurt the Black Cat.”

(If you made it this far, good on you.)

The one thing I want to add is: I’d never have made it this far without all the amazing people in the fan-fiction community who encouraged and pumped and loved me even when I was doing that. So love your young writers.


Me Today

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