Guest Post by Kristy Carey

wandering wizard cover
Hello all!!  Em Ray is letting me take over her blog today [MWAHAHAH!!!]  ~cough~  I mean… 😀
I’m Kristy, a newly published creative whose muse likes to send her off on tangents into strange places.   Today, I’m gonna talk a bit about my short story [without giving the whole thing away] and why I self published it.
On New Years day of 2013 I made my resolution.  By December 31st of 2014 [sneaky me, I gave myself 2 years] I was going to be either published or have something of mine in the hands of an editor at a small publisher/editor I’d been able to pay for.
The Wandering Wizard is an idea I had last spring while doing an event called ‘The Seven Day Story’.  During the event, you spent one day doing something specific for the story.  It started with you coming up with an idea, and ended with being ready to send it out for publication.
So I tossed several ideas around my head that first day, and even came up with a few starts.  If I’m honest, my full idea was a wizard sitting in a coffee shop.  What came out of that, was a story inspired by Harry Dresden, while trying to not be a Harry Dresden knock off.
It also became something I truly loved.
The Wandering Wizard is a complex idea that I barely scratch in the story.  In fact, there’s a few documents filled with information I cut out of the story because it wasn’t important at the time.
Once I had it finished, I sent it out to a few groups and had friends read and edit it.  This spring I sent it through a couple more ringers and even read it out loud to a friend to get one last view and edit in, before sending it out for publication in magazines.
At over 7k in length, its an awkward piece to send out.  Most magazines don’t want stories that long. And anthologies have to be found in the right place, which could mean waiting months upon months to actually get it out there.
Around the end of June I had a big event for my other business and then had a bit of a break before more work came up.  During that time, I received my third polite and nice rejection [Great piece, not for us.  Thank you.] and decided that I wasn’t going to keep sending it out and waiting for a polite no.  I’m a skilled graphic design artist, I’ll make my own cover and publish it myself.
So, I did.  I created 3 covers with a few ideas, before coming up with the current one.  And mid July, I went to Amazon and pushed a few buttons, before waiting several [very long and annoying] hours to see my story up on the site, ready for purchase.
For my first month I went ahead signed up for Kindle Select my first 90 days, wanting to figure out how best to publish other places and take some time to understand what all was out there, so in October I’ll be using a site called Draft2Digital to publish in other spots around the web.
Self publishing isn’t for everyone.  I tend to view the world as ‘Nothing’s ever gonna make everyone happy.’, but I’ve always felt that small or self publishing was going to be where I went.  Magazines or anthologies would be the only other venues I’d accept.
As a newly published author, having that book [or short story] out in the world is worth more than the money I won’t make off it. [I’m at about $3 right now.]  Sure, I’d love to make a million dollars doing what I love.  But just as its made me grin to see people wearing my jewelry, and knowing its in a runway show in New York… Seeing people comment to me that they like my story is worth more than the money.
~looks over list of what to blog about…. Checks off boxes~
Alrighty!!  😀  I hope you enjoy my ramblings.  HUGE thanks to Em Ray for letting my hijack her blog today.  You’ll find all kinds of links to stalk me and help my slow road to being a hundredaire with my bio.
Kristy C
 kristy carey
Kristy Carey is an author and blogger with a passion for creativity.  With one publication under her belt, she plans to keep the momentum by focusing on the Urban Fantasy genre in future pieces.  She is currently splitting her time between writing and steampunk jewelry design. Her passion in both writing and design, is to mix together elements that don’t belong, and make them seem natural.  Kristy is currently working on a Superhero story staring The Protectors as they battle both Loki and Kronos.

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