The Magic of Rothganar

Since I began, all those months ago, to write Eagle Eye’s stories, I’ve had to reverse-build a Rothganar that includes magic in its everyday functioning. I took what I’ve said about The Rules in Menyoral, and expanded my own understanding. I thought I’d blog about it because why not? So here is a little of what I now know.

The planet Rothganar generates a magic field. This field is imperfect. When it bubbles and farts, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, and the more impossible creatures spontaneously arise. You don’t get unicorn colts or merbabies in Rothganar.

The different kinds of fairies are a sort of sympathetic effect caused by a great concentration of something in a place where the field bubbles: rope fairies on a ship, grease fairies in a fast food joint, book fairies in a library, and so on.

The fairy animals are generated when ordinary animals are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eagle’s bear, Meat, was once a perfectly normal bear, and when he encountered a bubble of magic, he was changed into the giant freaking fairy beast Eagle knows. Similarly, fairy mice, fairy lizards (gonna have to use those), fairy ravens, fairy whatever.

Spellcasters channel and shape power from the planet through their auras (not exactly an aura, but that’s what I’m calling it). The different kinds of spellcasting are simply different methods of channeling (Words and gestures for sorcerers, for example, or prayers for priests, or rattles and ritual for shamans). Big Magic looks remarkably similar across the board, requiring written or carved shapes and chanted Words.

So. Worldbuilding. 😀

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