I’ve been stuck on Hard Time for a good long while. That’s no secret to anybody who’s been reading.

I finally figured out why, but I’m keeping at least one reason mostly under my hat (spoilers!). Suffice it to say I had a problem of both plotting and characterization, but I’m well under way now.

The reason I can really talk about is this: I was having trouble integrating the things I’ve already written that take place in Rothganar’s past (and the things I’ve planned to write) with the events of Menyoral.

I had forgotten that the soul of Menyoral is in the stories the characters tell each other. Now that I’ve remembered, I can integrate things better, talk about the past while dealing with the present, and ground what I’ll be doing in the future. It’s all one story, really. It’s all one thing, a thousand stories coming together to make the world.

I’m really excited. The writing I’ve been doing lately is some of the most fun I’ve ever had in front of the keyboard. I won’t say it’s the best — who knows? It might be self-indulgent garbage, but I’m enjoying myself so much, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

Much love from me.

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