What’s The Deal, Em?

I’ve been out for a while. Google “arachnoid cyst” and “craniotomy.” I’ll wait here.


*elevator music* *twiddling thumbs*

So yeah. They kinda sawed my head open. On March 25, if you’re curious. Gnarly, huh? I’m writing again, though. Through Zoloft haze and big piles of medications and therapy and what have you.

I have five projects right now.

The one I’m working on most is Saga of Menyoral: Hard Time. I’m entirely cognizant of how long people have waited for that.

I’m working on something in the Steel for the Prince continuity. A prequel? I don’t know. I don’t have a title for it yet, but it stars Rhuez (Wolf’s Fang).

Another thing is The Brothers Mala, which I know I promised before and am trying to finish.

The next Eagle and Fox novel is going to be The Witch under Mountain, which I’m also trying to finish.

I don’t know what you’d call the last thing. It’s interconnected shorter works about the night magic fell (which I know I covered in the prologue to Hard Luck, but what the hey).

Anyway that’s it for now.



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