Five Dreamport Landmarks

Today I blather about Dreamport. It’s the biggest, most populous human kingdom in Rothganar, and throws its weight around pretty often when dealing with the others. By three thousand years Before, humans were well-established in the area, but before that, it was a hitul kingdom, and gradually the humans pushed the People out to the west.

I want to talk about some of the landmarks of Dreamport, both the ones attached to humans and the ones that still remain from the time of the People, so here we go.

  1. The City Redwood. This massive sequoia blocks Old Town from the sun all day long. In the days Before the fall of magic, it was encased in a great glass greenhouse, but the panes have since been broken and the structure dismantled. Legend has it that if the tree dies, so will the city. For thousands of years, the tree has been guarded by a hitul shaman, who must be a female from the line of Rasang-Tala.
  2. Ennis Falls. One of the unique features of Dreamport, which has helped to make it as rich as it is,  is the Ennis River. The river flows south to north out of the Dragon’s Spine and feeds into the Draumur Sea over the edge of an ages-dead volcano. The falls are the point of access for most of the freight that comes into the city from the south; a gigantic lift system runs at all hours of the day and night, carrying passengers and trade goods from New Town to Old Town, and vice versa. The lifts were never magical in nature, and thus presented no problems in terms of continuing operation. However, the passenger cars in particular were made with materials manufactured by magic, and some of the gloss has come off taking the lift as a result.
  3. The Pit. This quarry outside the walls was the source for much of the stone for the Royal Palace complex, as well as many of the great houses in New Town. Two hundred years ago, it was abandoned by its owners. Slumlords and squatters quickly took over the empty hole, which today remains an insalubrious swarm of people with a pool of sludge at the bottom.
  4. Temple Row. This is a street in Old Town lined with buildings on a massive scale. The human religions have great temples here, to house the numerous worshipers of their gods. While temples are also scattered throughout the city, on Longday and Longnight most will attend services here, in the spectacularly-appointed homes of their religions. The smallest building on Temple Row is the headquarters of the Knights of the Air; the front of their lot is an open-air chapel. Before the fall, each temple had its own enchanted decoration in keeping with the god or goddess; some of the decorations are still in place, but the enchantments are gone. The only religion that has no temple is the worship of Oda, King of Hell and Lord of the Moon.
  5. Last Resort. Located on the farthest promontory out to sea, this black-granite castle is home to House Xavier and seat of the Duke of Dreamport, Guard of the Marches to the West.

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