Spellcasters, Part 1: Rothganar’s Magic

This is the first of a six-part series. Since I don’t have any more shorts for the moment, I’ll post about Rothganar on Fridays, too — until I have another for you.

Really there were only three sorts of spellcasters in Rothganar, but I think the Magi of Dixon Forest warrant their own post, so I’ll do them by themselves; likewise, the witches, who are by definition outside the magic of Rothganar.

I’ve mentioned before that the planet Rothganar generates its own magical field, something like Earth produces a magnetic field. Each kind of spellcaster channels power from this field into their aura, which is sort of similar to the electromagnetic field people produce on Earth (except that some are more powerful than others, and a few are null and can’t use magic at all).

Each kind of caster collects magic from the world in a slightly different way, and that’s what this post series will be about. For more information in the meantime, check out this post from last year. I hope you’ll enjoy the rambling.


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