Akeere Wayfarer

Akeere Wayfarer is one of the most popular goddesses among the common people of Rothganar. I hesitate to say “most popular” because most humans don’t choose to devote themselves to one god or goddess, but rather to the entire pantheon; however, among those who do choose that path, She’s close to most popular, if not the most.

Akeere is primarily a wind goddess. She also covers travel, and for some, She represents freedom as well. Her doctrine is minimal, friendly to the small, and favors charity, acts as well as monetary donations. She’s almost always depicted as a redheaded woman with wings on Her ankles, but some interpretations offer Her as a blonde. The white oak is Her most treasured tree, as the staff She carries is thought to be white oak wood.

As with any deity with minimal doctrine, Akeere’s church is every so often troubled by schisms, and Her worship is far from monolithic. Next week I’ll talk a bit about the Church itself and the order somewhat connected to it (the Knights of the Air), as well as a couple of offshoots and divides.

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