Akeere Worship

Akeere’s Church is doctrinally quite open. They’ll accept anyone who comes, and offer prayers and as much charity as they can afford to anyone who asks. Church buildings tend to have high ceilings wherever possible, and structures built Before will also have many windows, occasionally of stained glass, but more often clear or translucent. Worship centers around prayers, communal singing, and the burning of incense. The Church of Vard the Brew-Lord is closely affiliated with Akeere’s, and Her symbol is displayed in all His taverns and temples, and His in Her places.

There are many splinter groups and offshoots from the official Church, but the largest are The Knights of the Air, who are connected with the Church, and The Liberated, who are not. The Knights are more free and easy, but slightly more ascetic; services must be held in the open air. However, many non-Knights happily attend service with the order, since these always include a story of the goddess.

The Liberated split from the Knights during the turmoil around magic’s fall, though nobody can point to the exact date. They believe the loss of magic to be the Lady’s punishment for poor governmental management, and have been known to commit acts of terrorism against any establishment one may name. However, as a group they are quite small and isolated, and the main trouble they’re able to cause stems from the fact that most of their membership wears the Knights’ leaf tattoo on their dominant hands.

The Knights of the Air also gave rise to the splinter group Knights of the Void, who a hundred years ago cobbled together space-faring ships made of wood and magic and went out to attempt to spread the Lady’s message to a wider audience. Nobody knows what happened to them, and they are presumed long dead.

Check in next week for a little story about the Wayfarer. 🙂

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