Snippet Sunday #10

Today I have a piece of another story I’m going to blog for you guys in the near future. It involves Beagar (Big Fox), the High King of Shirith, and Faralt (Falcon Eye), his huntsman, when they were Crown Prince and huntsman’s son. They’re on a ledge, and Big Fox is injured…


“Hey there, Bey-Bey.” The contempt in the little figure’s voice—no mistaking it. “Need some help?”

“Who are you? Movanar,” Big Fox made sure to add, a threat. The figure drew back its deep cowl, but he didn’t recognize the boy’s face.

“Faralt.” At Beagar’s blank look, the boy rolled his eyes dramatically. “You know Velalt? The huntsman?”

“Sure. It’s his fault I’m down here.”

“Pretty sure it’s your own dumb fault. Anyway I’m his son.”

That made him angry. “He didn’t even come after me himself? He sent his—”

“Funny thing,” said Faralt. “He didn’t see you fall, Bey-Bey.” He poked Big Fox’s leg and made him howl. The sound bounced, echoing, off the canyon walls. Someone must’ve heard.

“You’ve been here a while,” Faralt said, as if reading Big Fox’s mind. “Don’t think anybody’s missed you yet. Don’t think they will for a long time.” He grinned, wicked and boyish at the same moment. “If ever. Nobody likes you, you know?”

“I know,” said Big Fox, grinning right back, “but they have to pretend. It’s good enough for me.”

“Damn! You’re one fucked-up piece of shit, Bey-Bey. That’s all right, though. You’re just where I want you.” Faralt straightened to pace around Big Fox on the ledge, hands clasped behind his back—still grinning.

Took Big Fox a minute, but he realized Faralt was pretty much—all right, absolutely—correct. “So what is it you want?”

“I mean,” Faralt said, like he hadn’t even spoken, “all I’d have to do is push you a little. Nudge you with my foot.” He put a boot sole on Beagar’s shoulder and nudged playfully, laughing when Big Fox tensed.

He crossed in front, and Big Fox smelled his chance. He lashed out with his good leg, fouled Faralt’s feet, and sent him flying. He didn’t even scream, which was a bit of a disappointment, but not even Big Fox could have everything.

One thought on “Snippet Sunday #10

  1. I almost feel sorry for Big Fox. Almost. Sorta. Almost. Okay, not really. Maybe Faralt should have pushed him off the cliff … or taken him back there to push him off AFTER Stag was born but before … the tragedy.

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