The Golden Road

A brief story about Akeere, told by a grandmother to her small grandchild.


Long, long ago—so very long, my dear! you wouldn’t believe it if I told you—Lady Akeere was as small and weak as we are. Yes, it was that long ago, when people were still making tools out of stone and learning to call out the first Words. She used to be so small, as small as I am now, and much younger. Now She’s a great big goddess, isn’t She? But back then, She was human, and She was weak.

After She’d learned She was weak in every way, our Lady showed how strong She was, though. Didn’t She just? She took up Her oak staff, dear, and held it while it made Her a goddess, which is very hard to do, believe you me—terribly hard. Being made into something greater sort of… spreads you out a bit, and a bit more, until you’re all over at once, and then it lets you come back into your body and be you. Well, She took up Her oak staff, and when She was all finished turning, what do you suppose She saw?

Why, the Golden Road, of course! Like a shining ribbon over all that is, and was, and will be. The moment you were born is on that road, and the first tooth you lost, and the moment you’ll die, and everything in between. So it goes for me, and your da, and your sisters and brothers. Everyone there was and is and will be, and everything there was and is and will be. It’s all on that Road, and maybe She can’t watch it all at once, my dear, but that doesn’t stop Her checking in on you. It doesn’t stop Her hearing when you call Her name.

If you call, She’ll come, whether you feel her or you don’t. She’ll be there hearing you, and weighing your prayer, and if She can, why, She’ll blow the vane your way, so to speak. Just a puff of wind is all it takes.

2 thoughts on “The Golden Road

  1. Very nice. I’m not sure I’d want to see my golden road, or anyone’s, really. Sounds like a great burden to bear.
    I’d rather have her listening in than some of the crazy gods out there, that’s for sure. 🙂

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