Father Krakus Bartowsky

Krakus is a major character in Saga of Menyoral. He’s one of the co-heads of the Order of Aurelius, and he’s provided the reader’s eyes and ears on Fort Rule, the seat of military power in Muscoda.

Originally, I’d planned for Krakus’s death in Hard Luck, but he kept shouting at me from the bench, tempting me with everything he could do. I’ve never been more pleased about deciding not to kill someone. Not only is Krakus charming, but his character arc has enriched the story of Menyoral as a whole, and he provides an excellent brake on his brother in the cloth, Lech Valitchka.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but when we first meet Krakus, he’s the very picture of a venal monk. He’s meant to be a warrior, but spends more time eating than training. Krakus starts out over fifty, overweight, and has to have his ceremonial armor constantly adjusted or remade to fit his gut. He doesn’t follow the proscriptions of his order’s Rule at all, and even has a mistress in spite of the celibacy requirement. When he begins to see Lech more honestly, he takes his first steps on a better path. I find his struggle for redemption immensely rewarding to write about.

Krakus is the first son of a farming family. He was born Before magic’s fall, but in the famines that followed soon After, the Bartowskys were faced with a choice. They took twelve-year-old Krakus to the Order of Aurelius, where he would at least be assured of food. He was immediately paired with orphaned Lech, and the rest is history.

No, literally his story. I’ve begun one about Krakus and Lech. It’ll probably be a little meatier, the length of Live Free or Die or longer, and I think I’ll have it ready early next year. In the meantime, if you haven’t met Krakus, I hope you will, and I hope you’ll love him like I do.

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