Naheel Queen of Heaven

Naheel is the Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Gods. She reigns from her Golden Throne in a palace of the Garden of Paradise and keeps the sun on its course through the sky. Her consort is the ascended mortal Ciregor, who was killed in Her service and elevated to stand at Her side.

Though She’s the Queen, Naheel isn’t regarded or worshiped as a mother goddess. She’s most strongly associated with purity and cleansing, with sanctification and holiness. Young virgins make offerings to Her. Traditionally She’s most popular in Muscoda (in conjuction with Reeda, the goddess of earth), where there are endless fields for Her to beat down upon, but humans call Her name wherever sunlight touches.

Her association with clean souls and bodies tends to lead Naheel’s churches into doctrinal rigidity and legalism. Many of Her religious orders lean toward the ascetic, and Her official church places an emphasis on maintaining a clear slate of sins. Atonement and penance are important throughout Her teachings.

She appears as a tall, beautiful woman, usually blonde, on a throne of gold, though some interpretations have Her as a redhead. She is almost always depicted in lush, fire-colored robes, sometimes wearing a wimple beneath Her crown, which is gold.

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