Magic and the Body

In Rothganar, the ability to channel and control magic is determined by the strength of the caster’s aura, which is in turn determined by the person’s body (genetically, to use an anachronism, but also by contact with magic bubbles and other phenomena). Today I want to talk a bit about how a caster’s body affects their magic and vice versa.

First, an ill or injured caster will have trouble producing effects. Casting spells requires mental discipline, and if they don’t have enough of it to push past sickness or hurt, it’s not going to happen. Mental illness can affect a caster’s ability in positive or negative ways; for example, casters with schizophrenia may be especially adept at producing illusions of sight, sound, or other sensations. Mentally ill casters may have difficulty bringing their thoughts away from certain patterns.

A caster’s aura is something they’re born with, and contacts and filters the magic of Rothganar itself. The energy they filter affects first their bodies, and then objects they frequently touch, use, or wear. Casters must take care with dropped hair, severed extremities and limbs, and other bodily products, as well as favorite pieces of clothing or bedding. If an enemy gets hold of some part or possession, with the correct Words they’ll be able to affect the caster’s body or aura from a distance, or to unerringly locate the caster anywhere in the world. This practice of corporomancy is taboo in polite company, but commonly practiced behind closed doors.

As usual, where sex is involved, things get a little messy. Next Monday I’ll be talking about that, so if you want to find out about that stuff, come back soon.

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