Tour Guide Tuesday: Tangletree Palace

Tangletree Palace lies deep in the swamp to the east of Brightwater. This great palace of the People is home to Rhuach Lieseassar (King Brother Wolf) and Cuiladh (Bright Moon), and their eight sons.

Many of the outbuildings and other surrounding structures are on stilts, but the Palace proper was once a stand of banyans, trained by magic into a single, living edifice and carefully enchanted to keep its shape as it grows larger. The throne itself grows and leafs in the Great Hall sprouting from the side of the complex, a room composed of woven branches and lit by shafts of sunshine.

The windows are all of clarified tree sap, except in the family chapel at the highest point of the Palace, in which gleaming pews are made to grow from the parquet floor and the floor-to-ceiling windows are swirled with fabulous color. In the structure’s deepest chamber, touched by a single shaft of sun once a day, lies the hunk of native limestone inscribed with the spell that caused Tangletree to grow, and supports and maintains the Palace even now. The attached stables house gigantic riding dragonflies.

The interior of the Palace drips with moss, leaves, and vines; it blooms and grows constantly. Visitors must beware of roots causing humps in the floors, though these are repaired as soon as they’re noticed, and of hanging plants. Most of the furniture, like the throne, is composed of trained roots. Each mushroom that fruits in the darker chambers is of a carefully chosen, edible species, and stacks of luminescent shelf fungi light the Palace at night or during storms.

Though it is a lovely place to visit, most of Tangletree Palace is devoted to private quarters. The Wolfs value their family time above all else, and visitors are rare despite the Palace’s beauty.

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