My World: A Guest Post by Martin Allen

I’ve been talking so much lately about Rothganar that I thought it would be nice to show you other worlds and other voices. This is the first of a series of many guest posts. I’ve invited several other authors I know to talk to you a little about their favorite fictional places. Here’s Martin Allen to guide you through Sol Invictus.


Greetings and welcome to Sol Invictus, weary traveller. Please take the time to watch this instructional video on our glorious history and culture so as to better acquaint yourself with your surroundings… and avoid the pyres of the inquisition. (Please note attendance is mandatory and drone surveillance will monitor early departures, such is the will of Sol Invictus, our glorious God).

You have arrived by Trans. Hub a revolutionary matter transference technology which has allowed the Empire to spread itself and Invictus’s beneficent word throughout the galaxy. Please use this opportunity to rest and recuperate.

Sol Invictus used to be known as Earth prior to the rise of the Empire, but soon after mass globalisation it became painfully clear that the vast differences between the various cultures and religions of the world was a position that was unsustainable and was stopping mankind achieving its true potential. A movement was born, taking a name from the past that was largely untainted with the blood of the innocent, so little was known of its true origins. It quickly rose to prominence superseding the leading religions of the day. For such an act one would imagine the birth of the Empire in Death, Fire and War. Not so, it was a peaceful following of modern principles of Peace mixed with the old imagery of one of the Christian Church’s precursors Sol Invictus.

The movement was born out of distaste for the many religious disputes used primarily as an excuse for money, power or simply the age old human pleasure of killing another human because of historical disputes. The Leaders of this world in the Twenty-First Century, political and religious, had come to the realisation, that humans have always killed other humans, humans still kill other humans and that humans will continue killing other humans. They then proceeded to continue along their normal policies with uncaring about which country was invading which unless they were directly involved. The followers of Sol Invictus took exception to this and preached a revolutionary message of peace and incusion. Their message of non-violent resistance and unrelenting forgiveness somehow broke through. Perhaps it was their willingness to include other faiths and listen to their point of view that helped set them aside. Given that much of the historical records of Sol Invictine religious rights had been destroyed by the Early Christian Church, which was scared of competition, this gave the new worshipers the freedom to adjust their teachings to the intricacies of the day. They had no ultimate religious book that they had to use to justify their beliefs. Thus they could take the best of all religious doctrine and discard the outmoded and bigoted. Cogent opposition views were simply adopted them into this new religion. Soon the world had converted, apart from the few that clung to the old religions out of a sense of tradition, fear or real belief in the tenants of their religions.

Soon all war had stopped, there was no point humanity was all one, united in faith in Sol Invictus, or accepted as different; yet included.

In 2067 a minutes silence was held all over the world to morn the dead of all the wars ever held and a mere 3 months later the world leaders all signed a firm declaration of realistic disarmament.

I urge you all now to mourn the sad passing of all those innocents that are martyrs to the cause of peace, without them the Empire and Sol Invictus could not have been realised. We shall hold a brief moment of silence to remember them (remember you are being monitored), feel free to hold hands, or prostate yourself in prayer.


You find yourself in Sol Invictus, the Capital City of the planet of Sol Invictus, itself the capital planet of the Empire. Newcomers may find locals referring to the planet simply as “Sol” and the city as “Invictus”, this is a perfectly acceptable shortening of the official titles.

You are invited to visit the central Temple of Sol Invictus as it has a rich history of its own, quite apart from our capital city. This is literally true. The Temple had once served another purpose having been the seat of the old Papacy in Rome. This however had been moved to Invictus from where St Paul’s (its previous name) had once stood, upon global acceptance of Sol Invictus as the Official Deity of the planet. This is a result of the true religion coming from the ashes of the old, but we can never go back to the old ways so the temple had to be moved.

You may find yourself confused by references to “The Seven Thousand” given the monotheistic nature of the Empire, this is normal. The Seven Thousand are appealed to for leniency in the prayers of those who feel they have failed the Empire. For although the Empire cannot afford the mercies of injustice, the fact that the Seven Thousand had once been Human and are now, by virtue of the manner of their release from Humanity, now so much more allows them to intervene in the Divine plan and allow some measure of mercy to the sinful. The Mortal Sins cannot be intervened for, but the fact that there is a chance for the minor indiscretions gives some measure of comfort to the population of the Empire for we are all human and thus imperfect. The Seven Thousand form a bridge between the mortal realm and the Divine. They can even intervene in the here and now. They are the soldiers of the Divine and watch over us and the Empire with eternal vigilance.

We hope that you enjoy your stay and find salvation in Sol Invictus, for now that the Empire stands proudly and unopposed there is no need for any other God… or their followers. Those of you who have not yet been entered into the Invictine religion as yet will be detained and given a chance to convert and renounce your Gods, for Sol Invictus is merciful. Those who refuse shall be shriven in the pyres of the Inquisition, those of you who sin shall face trial and justice by the hands of the Inquisition.

Sol Invictus watches… and punishes the ungodly.


About the Author


Martin Allen graduated from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle in 2003 with a Law LL.B (Hons) Exempting L.P.C. Degree. He has worked in many different areas of the Legal Sector and built up a wealth of experience.

Martin enjoys reading and writing Science Fiction but has taken the time to write a few Legal pieces, one of which is available in E-Book format through Amazon (The Prosecutor’s Fallacy: The Reliability of DNA and Fingerprint Evidence).

The Phoenix Series is a Science Fiction series set in a world where a Theocracy has come to power. “Phoenix: Penitence” is a short story set in this world. The first Novel “Phoenix: Rising” charts the rise of a new interpretation of the theological teachings of this Empire and the lengths this Empire will go to protect itself from it. The story is told from the point of view of an Imperial Investigator caught in the middle of the Empire’s manoeuvrings. The Prequel, Phoenix: Ashes tells the story of the Seven Thousand, part of the mythology of the Empire in Phoenix: Rising and tells their story.


If you’d like to see more from Martin, you can visit him in these places on the web. 🙂



 And Martin’s books!


The Prosecutors Fallacy: The Reliability of DNA and Fingerprint Evidence



Science Fiction:

Phoenix: Penitence (short story)

Phoenix: Rising 

Phoenix: Ashes

(Remember, the Phoenix books are set in Sol Invictus!)

Six Points of Contact: An Anthology to Benefit Wounded Veterans

(contains another Phoenix story!)


 Residents of Caer Bannog Need Not Apply (short story)


 Beorma (short story)


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