Kessa No-Name

Kessa is one of the most interesting characters — to me — in the whole of Menyoral. (Of course, I have to say that. I’m the writer.)

We first meet Kessa as an abused twelve-year-old girl. Contrary to popular belief, she’s actually six-foot-two when she first arrives onstage, less than an inch short of Dingus himself, and she looks strong and capable. She dreams of becoming an expert swordswoman.

The power of Kessa’s dream makes her susceptible, even though she’s physically stronger than a lot of grown men. Add to that her lack of status as a fatherless No-Name (a bastard), and she’s at a distinct disadvantage against the manipulative man in her life. She is how she is because I felt it was important for her to be that way; even girls who haven’t bloomed early like Kessa are under threats like she suffers from every day.

Some people don’t like her. At first that surprised me, but the more criticism she received, the more I realized it was important for her to be that way. She’s been taken advantage of, and she’s too young to serve as a sex object for Dingus. She’s not his reward; she’s his sister, and as their relationship develops I enjoy that more and more.

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