Naheel Worship

Worship of Naheel is, for the most part, conducted by two different groups: Her official church, and the Order of Aurelius. Of late, the Order of Aurelius has done its best to distance itself from the church proper, and a schism doesn’t seem far off.

However, some things are still the same, and both the Church and the Order of Aurelius always include an oculus in their temples to the Queen of Heaven. Sanctuaries both tend to be opulently decorated with art and statuary, featuring the largest throned statue of the Queen of Heaven a particular church can afford at the apse. The richest churches will gild and jewel the statue. Only the High Priest or Priestess may put their back to it.

Aurelian worship is always conducted from bended knee on a bare floor. In the Glorious Kingdom of Muscoda, as the Order has gained power, more and more of the Queen’s churches have been converted to monasteries, and the public strongly urged to attend services there. The Queen’s official church allows worshipers to stand, sit, and kneel throughout the service, and places less emphasis on the ascetic traditions. Instead, for them, serving the Queen means enjoying Her blessings.

Many women serve as priestesses of the Queen. However, no women are admitted to the Order of Aurelius, and the Order is known for its self-denial and celibacy. Each monk is paired with a Brother, so there are always two, and the Mendicant and Militant are meant to check and support one another in carrying out the Rule.

With the founding of the Aurelian Security Prelates, after the destruction of Rothganar’s magic, came the gradual, but general, acceptance of corrupt teaching throughout the Order. Emphasis on service and care of the people was replaced with legalism and expansion of some dictates of the Rule to include those who hadn’t taken the offices. The Order of Aurelius has become the largest religious organization, other than the Churches of various deities, in Rothganar.

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