Sir Vandis Vail

Of everyone I have, Vandis is the most difficult character to write. He demands a lot of my brainpower, especially because he’s smarter (or smart in a different way, maybe) than I am. He’s the Head of the Knights of the Air, so he’s a priest as well as an administrator. Lately he’s feeling more and more the stress of fulfilling the duties of his station as well as handling a Squire (Kessa No-Name) and a difficult Junior (Our Hero).

Vandis’s dialogue is a particular challenge. Often I’ve rewritten the same line about a hundred times, and it’s still not right, which is why I’m grateful for both first readers and editor.A lot of people really like Vandis, even if they don’t like his filthy mouth. I’ve found it’s easiest when I write him in conversation with his Lady Akeere, who’s given him the ability to fly. His top speed in flight is something like Mach 2. He’s a tiny supersonic jet, and that’s incredibly fun to write as well.

The thing about Vandis some people don’t know is that he falls on the asexual spectrum. He’s got some strong romantic feelings toward his Lady, but he rarely experiences any sexual desire, considering it a waste of valuable time.

If you haven’t met him and would like to, he’s heavily featured in Saga of Menyoral, and appears in his own story, A Wing and a Prayer, which you can read in its entirety on the site: Part One and Part Two at the links.

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