Approaching the Throne

from The Book of the Sun

To approach the Queen of Heaven on Her Throne, the ways are three: Right doing, right speaking, right thinking.

Right thinking is the way of Her chosen, for from right thinking flows every blessing of the right path. Therefore, let no blot of unkindness, nor of ungratefulness, nor of unclean things, appear upon the brightness of your mind. Instead dwell upon your Queen, that you may come to Her arrayed in all the soul’s glories.

Right speaking comes from right thinking in the way that a stalk of corn comes from the seed under the light of the Queen’s face. If the seed be blighted, so too will be the product of it, should it grow at all. Though fair words may spill forth from the lips, if the mind is tainted, so will be the speech.

Right doing floods from right thinking like the rains the Queen sends to the ground. Just as sometimes She must hide Her face, so too does right doing sometimes appear as wrong, but every one in his mind must adjudge his own actions, and find them correct. Even if the action is correct, it cannot be considered a step toward the Queen unless it springs from rectitude of mind.

To approach the Queen of Heaven on Her Throne, the ways appear three, but in truth there is only one way, which is right thinking.

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