Tour Guide Tuesday: Broadriver

The town of Broadriver lies deep in the swamps to the east of Brightwater, in the ruin of Tangletree Palace. Most of the outbuildings have fallen into disrepair, and the building of carefully-coaxed trees is growing out of shape. The tree-sap windows have mostly broken, and the floors sprout roots, but that hasn’t stopped Angus Xavier, aka Angus the Red.

The self-styled King of Bandits came to the swamps about fifteen years ago and found the Palace abandoned. Undeterred, Angus the Red made himself and his band at home, and soon turned the derelict building into a haven of vice.

The Bandit King has his limits, and enforces them with an iron fist, but most of what you’re looking for can be found in Broadriver. It’s become a popular vacation spot with those in the know, and a popular business destination for those in deeper. Most of Broadriver’s revenue comes from gambling, with different games held in the various family chambers, but Angus himself occupies the royal suite. He has twenty-two children by nine different women, but only one son.

Broadriver also maintains a museum of magical treasures for the curious and drunk in what was once the stable. The museum is surprisingly well-curated and its collections well-researched. Don’t miss the Orb of Palentar or the Foundation Stone of Tangletree itself.

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