Vard the Brew-Lord

Vard is one of the more popular gods of Rothganar. As you can imagine — people like beer. He’s usually worshiped in conjunction with others, especially Akeere, because it takes at least two to make a party. In addition, His worshipers value laughter, connection with others, comfort, and home. Beer brings us together, they say.

He is almost always pictured as a man with a beer belly and strong arms, for better hugging. In most depictions He wears a beard, but the god doesn’t care much about the details of His supposed appearance. Vard loves a good prank, and many of His stories involve some trick He’s played on one or another of His fellow gods.

In the wake of the destruction of magic, Vard has become especially important. In many places, beer is safer to drink than water, and as a result His church has seen a distinct upswing in popularity, even more so than before.

Vard’s church is the most united of any in Rothganar. His teaching requires empathy and understanding of others in pursuit of connection, and thus, no large schisms have historically troubled it, and every order of the church is accepted and endorsed by it. More on Vard worship next week. 🙂

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