Five Comics I Think You Should Read

Since I’ve been reading somewhere in the middle of a couple different book series(es?), I thought I would skip the specific review this week and instead recommend some of my favorites. 🙂

Right now I’m reading Akira (I just finished volume 2) and Black Jack (also volume 2), so I’ll refrain from talking about them and instead tell you some of the things I’ve loved. Just because I loved it doesn’t mean everyone will; might not be your taste, YMMV, et cetera.

  • InuYasha, Takahashi Rumiko. Entertaining. If you like romantic comedy and/or portal fantasy, give this one a shot. Demon boys and reincarnated priestesses, along with a broken soul-jewel and a lot of scary demons, as well as some really amusing side characters and a juicy, juicy pair of villains.
  • Invincible, Robert Kirkman. For superhero fans. This starts out deceptively fluffy and takes a really dark turn. Kirkman does some grand dialogue, and while I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely free of The Walking Dead‘s misogyny, there are some great female characters with excellent arcs throughout the series, especially Mark’s mom.
  • Powers, Brian Michael Bendis. More superheroes, but a grittier, murder-mystery take. Sort of Manly. Quite good for all that. With Bendis it’s either/or, great or sludge. I thought this book was the latter. Does a decent job of presenting different female characters, even though boobs.
  • The Wicked + The DivineKieron Gillen. This one is interesting. I’d recommend it for fans of urban fantasy. The art (by Jamie McKelvie) is freakin’ spectacular, and the reborn gods and goddesses have some seriously cool abilities. I’m not sure where the story’s going, but it’s twisted.
  • Drama, Raina Telgemeier. So, so charming. A middle-grade release about a girl whose first, deepest love is the theater! I loved it.

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