Tour Guide Tuesday: The Bleeding Wall

This plain stretch of crumbling coquina wall is near city center on Brightwater’s mainland. It’s the last weathered remnant of the wall that once protected the Semoul dwelling of Brightwater from the land, thousands of years ago, and the same wall that, once repaired, protected the human city after the Semoul were conquered.

As the settlement changed hands again and again, the wall remained, first maintained, then piecemeal, until all that was left was this fifty-three-foot span. Before the death of magic, the wall had seen so much blood and pain that after being the subject of a hotly-contested sorcerous duel, it began to spontaneously bleed.

In legend, the wall bled whenever there was a serious threat to Brightwater. It’s difficult to ascertain whether this is truth or merely legend, but some reported blood on the wall the night Before magic died. Whatever the fact of the matter may be, there are certainly some strange rusty stains on the Bleeding Wall and the cobbles since added around it, and these will not be scrubbed off. In addition, the wall sits in the center of a busy crossroads and has never yet been struck.

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