Midia — Why I Write About It: A Guest Post by Jen Ponce

Hello Em and Em’s audience! I’m Jen Ponce and I’m here to talk about my home away from home: Midia.

Midia is the world where Devany Miller discovers magic for the first time. It’s a world that exists in a universe parallel to our own, a world separated from us by the Slip—the dwelling place of the demon-like Skriven. You can read more about how Devany found her way to Midia in the Bazaar. For this post, I’ll give you a peek at the creation story Wydlings tell around their fires on First day.

Long ago, long before the Witch King stole the Spider Queen’s eyes and took her egg sac, long before the Spider Queen herself was a queen, there was a web made of star dust that stretched into infinity. On this web ran a cosmic spider of a size so immense as to be incomprehensible to those who now live because of her toil. She was the First and she wove magic into the universe and set the stars spinning. On and on for eons she worked, creating galaxies and solar systems so that her web danced and shivered with life.

Perhaps it should not surprise us that she grew bored with her lot and curious about her own origins. She crawled the web and searched the darkness but could not find any clues. It was then she turned her attention to the worlds she’d made. She was too big to meddle with the life she’d created but where else would she find the answers she sought? She tore herself apart, the violent rending scattering pieces of her throughout space. One such piece landed on Midia, a planet covered in wind-blasted sand and murky liquid that boiled and bubbled with poison. When a tiny, hair-covered leg tore free from the fleshy bit of the First and touched the ground, the world blossomed with magic and the Spider queen was born. Through each spider born from her destruction, the First seeks her answers.

Midia is a vast world teeming with creatures shaped by the magic that infuses every rock, bush, and animal. It’s a world filled with wonder and horror. Nex is one of those horrors, at least, that’s what he would like you to believe. He was once the king of the fleshcrawlers until his queen separated his head from his body. Now he’s Devany’s friend and right hand … head?

Neutria the big ass spider is one of my favorites too. She’s a chythraul—the child of the Spider Queen, or so she claims–and when her kind hunts, they take the skin of a witch or Wydling and crawl inside it to use as a disguise. When they tear their way out of the stolen skin? It’s a sight that’s been known to reduce grown men to tears.

So why do I write about Midia? Because magic. Because when it’s late at night and the stars glitter in the darkness of space I hear the First whispering to me, urging me to find out where she came from and who made her. And I’m not about to piss off a giant cosmic spider, you get me? So I write, and the First stares over my shoulder, waiting …


I’ve been telling stories since I can remember, first with puppets, then with dolls, and finally with pen and paper. I’m a mom to three boys, three cats, and a goldfish named Reginald. I crochet, read, and imagine I’m much more exciting than I really am. I also love vampires, zombies, and things that go bump in the night. (Those things could be monsters or lovers, I’m okay with either.)

You can find my work on Amazon. If you’d like to read more about Devany, Nex, Neutria, or the Spider Queen, check out these titles available now:

The Devany Miller Series:

The Bazaar

Slip Song

Demon’s Cradle

World Weaver

Short story collection with a Spider Queen short:

Touch but a Web






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