Vard Worship

Since he’s the god of beer, you’d expect Vard’s ceremonies to involve a good bit of it — and you’d be right. His temples are almost always humble affairs, usually in a communal, tavern-like style. Though He has His dedicated priests, more important is the god’s teaching that community is king, and services, generally held in the evening, always include at least a small mug of beer and a supper. Often, in a small village, the tavern will double as the temple.

Vard’s priests tend to know everyone, as much as Knights of the Air, with whom the god’s Church is closely aligned, even more so than the official Church of Akeere. The leaf of the white oak, Akeere’s sacred tree, is displayed in every tavern belonging to the Brew-Lord, and in most way stations of the Knights, Vard’s priests will staff the tavern.

No major schisms have affected Vard’s Church. A close-knit Order, the Tappers, travels together as a military unit. They work as engineers and specialize in the breaking of sieges, from either side.

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