Enchanted Items and Substances

There are two broad classes of enchanted items in Rothganar: manufactured and handcrafted. The classes further break down into items themselves, such as enchanted pillows and the ubiquitous basins and chamber pots, and substances like Zeinger’s Best Cordial or Johnston’s Boom-Boom.

Manufactured items and substances tend toward the practical. Most manufacturing equipment is itself magical, and often driven by sorcerers; foundries, print shops, mills for paper, flour, or cloth, even distilleries can be operated magically, and sometimes by a single caster, though most sorcerers with that level of power would choose to pursue their own designs. Legal boundaries protect weaponry in general, but most of them apply only to the manufacturing sector and not to what a single caster can make; that is, factories aren’t churning out magic swords by the bushel because it’s illegal to do so. However, it’s common for apprentice casters who wish to specialize in making to have their first item be a magic sword, so there are quite a number of them, which work to varying degrees.

The most common handmade substance is a potion, particularly one that will heal disease or injury. An accomplished brewster is never in want of custom, and need not be a trained caster, due to the common occurrence of magical ingredients. Often, medicines simply cannot be manufactured; medical care requires a personal touch. The one exception is all-heal, a salve meant to cure minor scrapes, cuts, and burns, though the recipe has been used so many times it seems to be acquiring a power of its own.

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