The Magic System in The Huntress: A Guest Post by Ana Marija Meshkova

I have another guest for you today! Check out Ana Marija. 🙂


When I was working on creating The Huntress universe and the lore accompanying it, I didn’t really know much about what I wanted to do with it. I only knew two things, that I wanted a world in which demons and witches existed and his in plain sight, and that I wanted a magic system that is both categorized and full of grey areas. As time went on and I delved deeper into the story, I found out more.

Magic in The Huntress is a force similar to gravity and magnetism. It flows through everything in the form of essence. Not everyone can tap into it, and that is why it has remained hidden from most of humanity. Those that can tap into it, wield magic to create spells. Those spells can be as simple as moving your hand, require words, crystals, blood, or certain materials, or full blown rituals involving all of the components. For those requiring words, intent and rhythm are more important that the actual words, which is why translated spells rarely work. If the spell requires components besides the right word, it becomes even more complicated because everything needs to be timed just right. And lastly, spells require channelling essence, either one from your body, or one that comes from another place passing though your body, which can cause immense pain and a lot of side effects, depending on the strength of the caster.

Magic casters are divided in two groups, good and evil. Though these names are (and this becomes a theme through this entire world) given by chance. Humans are both good and evil, while demons fall only under evil because the humans that claim to be good are the types to lump all non-humans together. In time, this divide just increased and tension mounted, which is why when the events that kickstart the plot in the book happen, the magical community is waging a war they hide from humanity.

If we were to get technical, all magic in The Huntress is demonic. Demons are not being of hell, in fact, they predate the world, and even humans by a few thousand years. They occurred naturally though evolution, and in time developed different races, each with a different biology and different way of using magic. Some races can breed, some cannot, some can talk and think, some are animalistic, while some have more in common with plants. What binds them all together is that their essence and spirit are linked, which means they always have their powers. As times changed, so did the demonic races, and their attitude. Old demons were extremely powerful, since they actively sought out genes different from them and bred more powerful descendants. In fact, old demons were so powerful they could weld magic in completely different ways, creating disciplines and becoming the deities that inspired folklore and religion. One of those disciplines is called Ocaran magic.

Now, demons are closer knit in their communities, and the races are stagnant. Some have been named according to a legend they closely resemble, even if the species the legend was about has been extinct for years, some take those sort of names themselves, while some have inspired legends that have changed over time and no longer resemble their original source. In the modern days, demons who breed with no predetermination are outcasts, and some have a lot of human DNA. Half-humans, half-demons are common, because demons are becoming rarer, and they are considered lower class. Demons all belong to different disciplines, and can even learn other disciplines if they try.

Humans have self-divided in two groups, witches and warlocks. Witches fight demons and wield light magic, while warlocks are more chaotic and align with demons and wield dark magic. Dark and light in this case are just associations, and could be considered lesser disciplines, or styles. These styles can be recognised easily by magical individuals.

The reason not all humans are born with magic is that that they were given the power long ago by a deity during a battle between the old demons that threatened to destroy everything. The deity that gave them their power wielded Ocaran magic, which is why most witches can wield that. But just like demons, witches can learn other disciplines too, and it is even easier for them, because they are not so closely linked to their essence. Power can be taken away from them, which is why some clans have a power that is passed down a line. The general power that most but not all witches posses is the ability to create fireballs. They can control the size and power of the fireball somewhat, depending on the amount of training they have had.

Another category is dimensional and non-dimensional, or ordinary, magic. Dimensional magic is magic that can pass through dimensions, and is wielded by those who can channel their essence far enough and bring it back again. More demons are capable of this than humans, and human can get some nasty side-effects. This is the exact reason why it’s far easier to bring demons back from the dead than it is humans.

Of course, when flawed people and emotions are involved, things are not always that clear. As humans and demons, or even demons of various races mix, one can see clearly that these categories are only man made, and with that can be combined.

I hope you liked this foray into the strange world that is The Huntress. You can find the first twenty parts of The Huntress in its original serial form in the pages of Far Horizons magazine. The whole story will be re-edited and released as a book, at as of yet undetermined date.

~About the Author~

From a young age, Ana Marija has been fascinated by the written word, reading anything she could get her hands on, from old classics, to newer books. Feeling the need to release the characters from her head, at the age of 16 she turned to creating that which occupies a large portion of her life. Her imagination making use of everything around her, she writes regularly for Far Horizons magazine, where she is also the layout designer, and was one of the authors contributing to the Tied in Pink anthology for breast cancer, and hopes one day to publish her own books. She also regularly dabbles in translating from English to Macedonian and reverse.

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