Seodrass — My Very Own Happy Place: A Guest Post by Bethanie F. DeVors

I know it’s been a really long time, but here’s the last of the guest posts about worlds. I think it was worth the wait! I love Bethanie, and I’m really looking forward to her second Seodrassian release.


Like a lot of independent authors I know, I have a day job. It’s a good job with good benefits, good coworkers, etc. What’s not good is the stress. It’s fast-paced, ever-changing, and challenging. While I enjoy a challenge (would get bored if the job were easy), it does require a good deal of stress relief. Some people drink wine. Some people watch television. Some people exercise.
I do some of those things, but my most effective stress relief? Writing about the kingdom of Seodrass.
I didn’t create a perfect fantastical kingdom in Seodrass. Rebellion, war, mayhem. All present. And yet, when asked what fictional world I would choose to live in if I could, I always choose Seodrass. Why would I choose a place recovering from bloody rebellion and strife? Because I love these characters. I love the people of the kingdom. I love the culture and the way it looks it my head.
When I think of Seodrass, I think of lush, rolling green hills and magical forests as well as inherently decent people who are generous and fun-loving. I think of brave men and women willing to fight and die to protect their people and to preserve what’s good.
Maybe all that seems hokey, but in what feels like a world gone mad, I need a safe place to go to. I don’t even realize I’m doing it before I’m spaced out and imagining what my characters should do next in their continuing saga. I visit Seodrass and her people while waiting in the airport to board my plane, while sitting in an Uber ride, while taking my lunchbreak at work… See a pattern?
Seodrass provides access to some of my favorite people, some born in this world and some born in that world. But almost all of these characters call Seodrass home by the end of the first book. I would love to have coffee with Rhys, the plucky video game designer, and Braeden, her genius intern, but only if we could have it in the royal castle of Seodrass while knights train outside and the nobility does whatever it is nobility does. I’d gladly take a tour of the grounds with Lord Tormod and Lady Bonneah, the interim rulers. I wouldn’t say no to a crash course in sword play from Sir Machar, Rhys’s trainer, or in archery from Sir Daeg, head of the knights. Maybe I could take time to stop in and see Derrine, the servant assigned to Rhys for the duration of her stay or Daeg’s mother, Lady Kyla, who was so nice to Rhys.
If I really had time and means, I’d beg for the real tour of Seodrass – the one in which I’d get to ride a horse through the countryside and see the different villages like Airril, where Daeg grew up, or Ellar, the village that provides the raw material for the best cloth in the entire kingdom. I’d want to see the memorial by the pond in Ellar with the names of the heroes who fought in the rebellion. If they’d let me, I’d even love to visit the Sanctuary and meet Cohmnall, the head Brother, and lose myself in the library there. The list of people and places to see goes on and on in my head.
The good news is, I can visit anytime I want since Seodrass lives in my head.  And I’m sincerely hoping readers want to visit, too, because there’s a lot more Seodrass still growing in that noggin I call a brain.
Bethanie F. DeVors resides in South Carolina surrounded by four cats and two dogs. She is currently working on her fantasy series, The Seodrassian Chronicles. A lifelong reader, Bethanie discovered she wanted to tell her own stories after attempting to write fan fiction episodes for The A-Team and The Monkees. She started writing during third grade and never stopped, encouraged by her family, particularly her mother.

When not writing fiction, Bethanie spends her time daydreaming about Henry Cavill and helping further the cause to convince Chris Hemsworth to wear a kilt. In an effort to maintain her geek card, she participates in a yearly 24-hour gaming marathon through Extra Life to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and attempts to attend at least one comic convention a year.
Visit her at any of these places!

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