Here are some short stories from the world of Rothganar. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. More to come, always!

The Golden Road

A piece of flash fiction, grandmother to grandchild, about Akeere Wayfarer.

The Thread of Life

The origin story of Rhialle, Dingus’s maternal grandmother.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Storied Lives

A bridge between Steel for the Prince and Saga of Menyoral.

Part One

Part Two


Two companion tales: Eagle Eye and the Worm of Shirith and Brother Fox and the Worm’s Bane.


A fairy tale about a magical cloak and a miller’s apprentice in love.

Invisibly Yours

A story revolving around the events that open Hard Luck, starring a dryad who used to be more than a dryad.

Lone Crow

Dingus tells a short fable.

The Covenant

A dragon story from Rothganar’s distant past.

A Planetary Romance

The hitul origin myth.

Snippet Sunday

All of my Snippet Sunday posts in one place.

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