The World

A beautiful Rothganar map, by Maxime Plasse. Check him out at Max’s Maps: Artistic Cartography.

Click to expand and zoom in, and get lost in Rothganar.

Rothgannar final

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The Royal Menagerie of Brightwater

Commoduce Island

Tangletree Palace


The Bleeding Wall

Puglia Fountain


That Night

The Magic of Rothganar

The Fimbetamur

Enchanted Items and Substances

Magic Circles


Magic and the Body

Magic and Sex

Spellcasters Series

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Sir Dingus P. Xavier

Father Krakus Bartowsky

Sir Santo Puglia

Wallace MacNair

Sir Vandis Vail

Kessa No-Name


Akeere Wayfarer

Akeere Worship

The Golden Road

Naheel Queen of Heaven

Naheel Worship

Approaching the Throne

Vard the Brew-Lord

Vard Worship

A Hymn to Vard


How to Name Your Elf


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